About us

Musical Soulmates, which is comprised of Suzuki Piano Studio, Harmony Youth Choir, and the Performers Collective, is dedicated to nurturing joy, healing and connection, both in the process of learning and in the art of performance.

At Musical Soulmates

Our program thrives thanks to the heartfelt efforts and unwavering dedicated parents and community volunteers and of all the musicians no matter their age or experience. To the listeners: You are the most important people in the room! We play for you. When the children play in the All Studio Class, they play once and listen 10 times- to the other nine students….and to themselves! 

Your instructors

Your instructors

Kate Alm

Artistic Director and Founder

Kate is a highly trained and lifelong musician always journeying to a deeper, more excellent experience of music in community. In her Musical Soulmates programs, she shares the profound joy of music through effective teaching- and the ladder of mentorship she has created : her student-to-student mentors in her piano studio and her co-leaders in her Harmony Youth Choir. As a performer she takes the stage with Musical Soulmates, who are indeed her soulmates and highest caliber performers in this area.

Victoria Theodore

Musical Soulmates’ Residency | February 2-10, 2024

We had the honor of welcoming Victoria Theodore, a renowned pianist, collaborator, and acclaimed composer, as  artist-in-residence across all Musical Soulmates programs and performances from Feb 1-February 10, 2024. She filled the Musical Soulmates universe with her knowledge, skill, glitter and joy. The greater community was deeply enriched not only by her three performances but in five meet and greets with local Black artists, poets, producers and musicians. We look forward to honing the skills she gave us and to checking back in with her as teacher, performer and director in the years to come.

Our program thrives thanks to the heartfelt efforts and unwavering dedication of our valued volunteers, talented musicians, and passionate performers. We are deeply grateful for the support we receive from our warm and devoted community members who share our passion for making accessible to all. Your involvement is what makes our musical family so special.

Get involved

To contribute to the Harmony Youth Choir and the Performers Collaborative please click the link below. These wonderful programs rely on the generous support of the community like you to thrive. While your donations are currently not tax-deductable, we are actively working towards our vision of becoming a musical nonprofit organization.